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Here you will find an overview of our part-time Master's degree programs in the fields of engineering, business and computer science. Our Master's degree courses have a high degree of practical relevance and prepare you specifically for specialist and management tasks. You will learn to apply scientific methods and knowledge in a practice-oriented way. The course language is predominantly German. C1 German level required.


The Master Autonomous Driving is an internationally recognized additional qualification that prepares you comprehensively for the development and optimization of semi- and fully automated vehicle systems.

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The Master in Electric Mobility is an internationally recognised additional qualification that prepares you comprehensively for developing alternative drive concepts. The teaching content is deepened in practical lectures, laboratories and transfer projects.

You look at the overall electromobility system starting with the vehicle and deal with all the important system components of a modern drive system, from storage systems to power electronics and the electric motor to the drive train.

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The creation of a digital infrastructure is currently one of the most important challenges in mechanical engineering. The focus on digitalization is found in numerous compulsory and elective modules and aims to qualify you for specialist and project tasks in industry as well as for management functions for the entire product development process, from the product idea to development, testing and production. You will be prepared to advance digital transformation processes in the company.

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The Master Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology is an internationally recognized additional qualification that comprehensively prepares you to develop alternative energy concepts in mobile applications. The course content is deepened in lectures, laboratories and transfer projects with a practical focus.

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During your studies, you will learn in particular how to control technical processes taking into account business optimisation approaches. You will train your analytical skills and deepen your scientific knowledge, thus acquiring the tools to systematically solve complex future technical problems. The generalistic approach trains you to mediate between the different ways of thinking and prepares, as a technical expert, to find cross-departmental solutions in the technical and economical area.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) will fundamentally change our world. Combine your first degree in business, engineering or natural sciences with AI and become a creator and digital pioneer with our practice-oriented continuing education.

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In this study program, you will learn how to establish new solutions at the interface between computer science and your domain. You will acquire an in-depth understanding of digital technologies and their building blocks, which, in combination with your domain-specific first degree, will enable you to design and communicate technical and business problems through the use of current technologies.

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The digital transformation fundamentally changes how we consume, produce and work. For companies, the current changes are associated with opportunities and risks and force companies and employees to realign themselves. The management of digital change is of considerable importance for future entrepreneurial competitiveness. Not only specialists are in demand, but also managers with broad cross-sectional competencies. The Digital Business Management course is the ideal preparation for a successful generalist career in management and corporate management of the future.

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The energy transition and the sustainable use of resources is currently one of the greatest challenges facing society and the economy. In the Master's degree course in Resource Management in Climate Change (part-time), you will learn how to identify opportunities for achieving climate goals in companies and municipalities, select them according to the criteria of economic efficiency, sustainability and ecology, apply them professionally and manage them in an overarching project context and at management level. You will also acquire broad and proven skills in all important aspects of climate neutrality for companies and municipalities. You will be familiar with the overarching goals and solutions of the municipal environment that are important for the integration of companies at their location.

The Master's degree course in Resource Management in Climate Change is a flexible online course with only one week of attendance per semester. The live distance learning program enables students to study from any location and graduate at Aalen University.

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New business areas are emerging that require employees with completely different skills. Entrepreneurial change and employee satisfaction are of major importance in this context. Business psychologists have a key function as "bridge builders". They are able to accompany organizations and especially employees through this transformation process. In the course of study, psychological action competencies and the aspects of business transformation are taught, which are deepened by topics such as behavioral economics and decision-making processes. In-depth knowledge of data analysis and agile methods, which are becoming increasingly important, are also part of the course.

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The online world is undergoing major changes due to changing consumer behavior and new business areas. Digital marketing with customer-oriented marketing strategies is of central importance for the economic success of a company. In many sectors, it not only complements traditional marketing, but is also becoming a leading strategy in some cases. The increase in digital media requires specialists and managers with both specialist and management skills.

The Master's degree course in Digital Marketing Management (part-time) covers digital skills such as digital content creation, corporate websites, social media marketing and search engine optimization and prepares students for the responsible use of digital media. Data analysis methods can be used to analyze and understand customer needs in order to implement digital marketing projects independently. Big data and targeting can be used to distribute advertising messages in a targeted manner.

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The main topic of digitalisation runs through all modules and has the goal to enable you to shape the disruptive change and to deal with technologies and tools of data use. In addition to acquiring general management skills, you will expand your functional, intercultural and personal skills. The course prepares you specifically for taking over management tasks.

In compulsory modules you will acquire all management-relevant business knowledge and acquire current competencies with regard to the challenges of digital change. In addition, the large variety of elective subjects offers you the opportunity to further educate your individual and professional needs and to deal with current topics.

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Key Facts


    4 semesters (2 years)




    1,900 EUR registration fee, 650 EUR monthly (17,500 EUR total costs) or 4,750 EUR per semester (19,000 EUR in total) for the Master programs Electric Mobility, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologyAutonomous Driving and Artificial Intelligence


    The attendance time at the university or online is 10.5 hours per week or 14 lectures of 45 minutes each and takes place on Fridays from 15:30 to 20:30 and on Saturdays from 09:30 to 16:45.



"After my dual Bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, it was important for me to continue my professional development, ideally without losing any work experience. This allowed me to bring my professional experience into the lectures and benefit twice over. The Master's degree was the start of a management position. Now I'm working on my doctorate."

Daniel Schmid, Alumnus Master Mechanical Engineering & Digitalization

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Learning Together & Networking

All of our courses are face-to-face or online courses, supplemented by digital learning materials, and we focus on personal exchange between students and lecturers. Through close interaction with your fellow students, you expand your professional network. Students form learning communities and friendships from the start, which continue as graduates and are deepened through regular alumni activities.


Personal Service

For each study program, there is a personal contact person, a "study coach", who will provide you with professional support and act as a "one-stop office" for all your study-related questions.



Trendsetting Topics & Digital Learning

The identification of new topics and the use of high-quality digital teaching and learning materials are of central importance to us. We are using the state-of-the-art learning management system  „Canvas“.