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Discover our range of courses in English without access restrictions and with practical content. You decide when, how and where you want to learn - with a training course in live-online format or as e-learning from any location and at any time.


Our English Courses

For those who a want to learn about the specific features of blockchain technology.

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How does a company become successful in today's digital world?

This nugget introduces the concept and some examples of business model patterns. And it will explain the impact of connected products (IoT) on those patterns. Finally, you will learn about important business mechanisms of connected products.

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The learning nugget provides deeper insight into key success factors of Digital Business Models. Based on selected examples and research projects with a high international visibility, relevant approaches of digitization will be discussed and analyzed for determinants and potentials of different Digital Business Models. Strategies of Digital Business Models development are examined.

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Using the right method for innovation to break up entrenched structures. The innovation methods support developing new ideas for products or services in the right way.

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Understand the principles of the Internet of Things and learn the basics of both the classic Internet and the Internet of Things.

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Business Process Management (BPM) is a very important topic in organizational structure and management science. The modul focuses on organization in enterprises, especially on analyzing and optimization of processes.

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The modul focuses on methods of IT project management, software engineering and information management.

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Business models are fundamental to the existence of a company. But what is a business model actually and how can it be built and analyzed? 

This Nugget introduces the termn Business Model and a tool to sketch out a business model. Furthermore, you will learn how business model innovation complements product and process innovation.

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Creating innovative next product generation of existing products! 
Mature products characterize our industrial landscape. The absolute exceptions are truly new and innovative products. But mostly modified successor products or combinations with other product features. Learn in this course how new product generations of any industry can be built methodically and innovatively. Have fun with your new, exciting product generations. 

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For those interested in further training in the field of mobile software development processes and mobile software solutions.

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For those interested in continuing education from the fields of engineering, natural sciences and economics with a domain-specific background who would like to learn how to actively participate in a software development life cycle.

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Get a comprehensive insight into software development - for a successful start in the digital future!

The course bundle consists of the following courses:

  • Object-oriented programming (DE)
  • Data processing architectures (DE)
  • Software Engineering (EN)
  • Algorithms and data structures (DE)

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Qualified lecturers with the highest level of specialist and practical knowledge.


Intensive exchange among the participants and with the teachers is possible.


No examination performance. Attendance will be certified.