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We offer a comprehensive range of academic continuing education courses in the fields of technology, business and information technology. This ranges from continuing education courses to more extensive certificate courses and short studies to part-time bachelor's and master's degree programs for professionals who want to combine study and education with work. The identification of new topics and the challenges of digital change are of central importance to us.

Most of our courses in English are online e-learning courses. Our e-learning courses are characterized in particular by the specially developed teaching and learning concept and impress with a wide range of high-quality learning materials, interactive content, learning success checks and guided instructional videos, thus supporting sustainable learning success. Our portfolio includes exciting, forward-looking and interactive e-learning courses. Our courses are produced in-house by a dedicated team at the Graduate Campus Aalen University. Our continuing education courses are packed with passion, creativity and innovation.

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Do you have any questions about our professional development courses and part-time degree programs? Contact us, also via Whatsapp.

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For each program, there is a personal contact person, a "study coach", who will provide you with professional support and act as a "one-stop office" for all your questions.



The identification of new topics and the use of high-quality digital teaching and learning materials are of central importance to us. We are using the state-of-the-art learning management system  „Canvas“.